E-commerce and Data Protection

In the digital environment, business success largely depends on understanding the legislation that governs it. Online presence, web portals and social networks are already a perfectly assimilated reality in our society and require attention to numerous legal issues, including contracting, e-commerce and consumer protection.

What does this legal service consist of?

At Lextelier, we go beyond simple drafting of legal notices; our comprehensive approach aims to ensure that every element of your website complies with the applicable regulations, from purchase procedures to cookie notices, taking into account the different applicable regulations, such as the Law of Services of the Information Society, e-commerce law, and consumer law, among others.
We accompany companies and startups in the design of their business processes, adaptation and audit ensuring compliance with the GDPR and information security standards. Our goal is to integrate privacy and security as part of your strategy and turn it into value.
Our objective is to ensure that clients take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital environment, while complying with the applicable legislation.

The legal _future blog

On our blog you will find a wide variety of legal content, from advice for startups to updates on laws and regulations. In addition, in our Academy section you can access free resources to help you better understand your legal rights and obligations.

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